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Speech Aid

Designed, developed & marketed by Lions of District 105a (Bucks, Herts, Beds, Oxon & N London) on behalf of Lions Clubs of the British Isles and Ireland entirely as a non-profit making charitable activity.

What is a SpeechAid unit?

It is a device for anyone who has a low volume of speech and requires amplification to normal conversational level to aid communication.

The SpeechAid has evolved over the past eighteen years and in its latest form has the added facility of being able to operate with a range of specialised switches and lightweight microphones allowing even more people to benefit.

Who does it help?

Individuals who have limited voice levels: Laryngectomees, sufferers from Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke victims and any disorder which can reduce the volume of voice to a whisper.

How does it work?

The low speech volume level is picked up by a lightweight microphone positioned close to the lips and amplified by the unit. A simple volume adjustment on the unit allows the output level to be varied according to the users needs to near conversational levels, depending on local conditions.

The unit is compatible with some other microphone units depending on the user’s requirements. Please contact the supplier for details

The lightweight Head Microphone can be worn on the left or right side. A plastic ear clip hooks over the top of the ear and a round earpiece is fitted in the ear for stability. The earpiece is empty and should have minimal effect on hearing.

This is connected via a 1 Metre lead to a low power, battery powered amplifier in a smart black ABS case with a built in clip for attaching to jacket pocket, belt, neck ribbon etc.

A touch sensitive contact switch is mounted on the front of the unit for ease of switching on and off. A volume control on top of the unit allows easy adjustment for individual voice strengths.

An indicator light and the microphone socket are also located on the top of the unit.

Should a remote switch be required, a simple “click” switch is available on request from Lions Speech Aid and used via a 1 Metre lead plugged into a socket on top of the unit. This switch is manufactured by Toby Churchill Ltd. and costs £13 plus £1 P&P.

What does it cost?

Speech Aid is produced by Lions of District 105A (Bucks, Herts, Beds, Oxon and North London) entirely as a non-profit making charitable activity.

Contact the Halesworth Lions Club for further information. 


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