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Lions 30 Years Old in Witham

Witham and District Lions start their 30th year with Youth in the forefront of Service to the Community in and around the town. The new President Lion Tony Stote has already visited three school events with two more to come before the end of his first month in office.
Lion Tony attended the Year 11 leaver assembly at both Maltings and New Rickstones Academies to present the Lion Derek Rittman Perpetual Memorial Trophy and a bursary of £100.00. The two young people were recommended to the Lions by the schools for recognition of the Service to both their Schools and Community, they are Lucy Ellis – Maltings and Laura Flight – New Rickstones.
The Lions along with Mrs. L Smith, daughter of Lion Tom Barnes, attended the Primary Schools district sports event at New Rickstones Academy playing field to present the Lion Tom Barnes Perpetual Memorial Trophy - ‘Most Improved School in Sport’ to Power Hall Junior School. Both the staff and children were over the moon at winning the trophy and said this will be very cherished this year it is the first sports award the school have ever won.
Later in the month the Lions will be visiting St. Mary’s Primary School – Kelvedon and Feering Primary School to present their versions of the Lion Derek Rittman Perpetual Memorial Trophy and bursary to even younger people who have SERVED their school and community.
Continuing with the Youth theme the Lions and the two academies will in September be looking to form Leo Clubs within each school, Leos are younger versions of Lions and aim to work with and for their local, national and International communities.
Our clubs theme/motto for the year is ‘Grow 2 Survive’, anyone wishing more information about Lions Clubs International and Witham and District Lions in particular please contact Lion Keith on 01376 515325 or

Our Other Events

Witham & District Lions Club raises money for charity in many ways. We have stalls in our local shopping centre and attend other organisations functions etc school fetes, Lions events,

Each year we arrange an Easter Egg draw in our town of Witham whereby draw tickets are issued to various locations where we supply an Easter egg and they draw for the winner. This brings us in around £600 for our Charity Account.

In July of each year we link up and assist the Witham Carnival at the procession start area. The Carnival raises money for local organisations in the town.

A local public house runs a Christmas raffle each year that raises approximately £250.

At Christmas time we have our Santa’s Grotto that brings in between £800 to £1000.